we went over mike and will's new house for a little new year's eve get together.
i missed the pics of everyone dancing like idiots and us toasting the new year 3 different times because we didn't have a tv for a count down and weren't sure EXACTLY what time it was.
so you get a picture of their dog, Boo Boo. he was the life of the party. just look at those glowing eyes.



no pictures from today so here's one from vegas.

smoking and gambling in the airport, what more can a girl ask for?!?


what the?!

times are hard, i guess they aren't making enough just fixing cars anymore.


mike drinking a zombie and mickie being a zombie...


what says christmas time more than chinese food and bad karaoke?
not much.

this would mike and mike doing an interesting rendition of guns and roses "paradise city"
right before going up there mike (C.) asked some stranger
"you a guns n roses fan...you know GNR?"
after a blank look from said stranger
"no? well you fucking will be"
i'm not sure he was convinced.


indoor nature series take 2.

yesterday when i went to leave for work there was a bird in the hallway. a real fucking bird. yuck. birds are super creepy.
anyway, by the time i got home we thought the bird had left, flew out the back door. there was no sign so we just kinda forgot about it.
well, when i went to leave this morning, the bitch..i mean bird was back.

and down below it, you can see the lovely wedding present david bought us. our baby zombie. baby reynolds we call him. the bird shit on his head before he left! HA!


indoor nature series take 1.

or in other words, the reason we can't have a xmas tree....

of course he got all the way up there and couldn't figure out how to get down. i helped, but i had to run and get my camera first.


sick day

mike and i had a "sick" day today.
we ran errands, did some shopping, got coffee and ate burritos!
good times.

i took a million pictures because i thought for some reason the day should be well documented.
i'll spare you and only put up a few for now.

cds, coffee and cigarettes-they make everything ok....

brian came over today too but didn't really want me to take his picture. so here's his semi-hidden darth brian pic...

also, i cheated and put up pics from this weekend. now it's not just a photo of the week! ha.


abe came over for a little bit. we went to target, then got coffee and doughnuts. abe bought me coffee so i won't say anything mean about him...yet.


my cat is cooler than your cat

rockabilly holiday

went to the beachland for the rockabilly holiday and to see these lovely ladies, the pussyfoot girls, do their thang...

and even at a loud ass show, will still manages to fall asleep

i think this pic sums it up. the shirt says it all...


Fish fry

excuse the crappy camera phone quality....

although this picture wasn't taken this friday, it sums up our "fish fry" really good.
every friday. dinner. it used to be one restaurant, now we're switching it up a little.
it's always at least 4, maybe 5 of us. this is some of the regulars. give or take a few.


Charlie has the situation under control

but they both seem to have glowing eyes. i think that's the devil in 'em!!


Things take a turn for the worse in the McCoy household...

Gus is opening a diner on the corner. He has also apparently gone mad.