i needed to take a pic for today and mike wouldn't get off the phone so this is what i got. i swear,he's worse than a woman sometimes! HA!


our army of toys. notice all the robots waiting to strike, jennifer!!


what could possibly make mike laugh this hard?
all i can say it is "Tampoon!" (and yes, there are two o's on purpose it's tampoon, rhymes with spoon)


did i mention that sloppy drunks and red wine don't mix?

this photo is titled "poor will" for a reason... this was taken right after the great spill that was semi-captured in the previous pic. i didn't get the fact that it went all over the remote for the brand new (and super fancy) tv...again, poor will...
(just kidding m.c. you know it's all in good fun)


gus fliping out like a ninja in the snow.

2/20/06-message from a "friend"


from a different sunday, but still....

2/17/06- our broke-ass brokeback...

and me, the cowgirl thrown in for good measure


another pic from mike and wills....

and this guy lives on their mantle. he still needs a name though...



2-14-06 happy vd!

we went to go out for a nice dinner on valentines day only to find out that the restaurant we were looking forward to for a long time was bought by new people and the whole menu had changed...and not for the better. so after a few other options that didn't work out we opted for take out mexican...

because really, what says valentine's day more than his and her's burritos!!!


For you, Jennifer

because you loved that other pic of him so much.
i give you hank, all big and cranky for no reason!


what happens when someone offers to take a "nice" photo of us.
proof that some people just don't know how to act!!



rocking out to previously mentioned slayer video (not in stereo i might add) with an mysterious extra hand....


red wine and clumsy drunks don't mix..

apparently what the gays drink

the mikes trying to wheel the stereo from across the room to hook up the tv before the SLAYER video goes off. yep, that's right, Slayer! \m/


coffee time

today we met these 2 fools for coffee... (the pic of them together was better, but she had her eyes closed..)

this is mike talking serious bizzzzness... (discussing doing a webstie for ryan and his photos.)