Bitchy McStitchy

i have a ton of pictures to update when i get off my ass and upload them.
right now i just have one.

so, i have decided to learn to cross stitch and embroider. why you might ask?
so i can make stuff like this....

it still needs to be ironed to get the creases out, but you get the idea!!


gimme my money!!

so jennifer once posted a request on her blog, a challenge if you will.
to get a good picture of her and that boy.
she offered money.
i took the following picture.
it's lovely, no?

i still haven't gotten my money! can you believe it?!?!

i've also included some equally lovely pictures i've taken of me and mike.

we look like ghosts in this one. and if you look closely, mike is making that face that cats make when the smell something weird and curl their mouth up all crazy....

i even included this next one-where i have some weird squinty eye thing going on- (the fan was blowing my hair in my eyes)

maybe i've found my artistic calling in life. upsetting couple portraits!!!


more tremont fun

weird metal sculpture thingy outside the ice cream shop "scoops"

scoops is kick ass...andnot just because they have this ice cream flavor-

yes, i am a huge nerd
mike is coveting my icecream because it looks so damn good (it is, i think it's the muggle crunch that makes it so f'ing fantastic!!)


street art

even more neighborhood fun! a local artist who calls himself 'the sign guy' puts these little paintings all over tremont on poles and signs. good stuff!

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

random but cute graffiti

and this one is on a pole at a small gas station not far from us. saxon!??! i think that's an 80's hair metal band if i'm not mistaken. and what's up with the weird fruit magnets?? this is the same gas station that had maniquin heads on this same pole but they were gone before i could get a picture



well, mini stonehenge anyway.


a couple of murals found in the neighborhood. done by a local artist, whose name escapes me right now....

random neighborhood pics

the first post of many with some pics taken around tremont-