guitar hero

much rocking out on guitar hero friday night!

even gus was rocking out...i think he would have tried the guitar himself, but his lack of thumbs held him back.

party like a rock star, pass out like one too!


this is what happens when different people draw parts of a body/face with just an outline and without seeing the other parts. can you guess who drew which parts.

first we have the face. drawn by me, david, mike and rachel

then we have a full body one. the artists for this one were me, mike, my mom, rachel, david and dan


more saturday pics

the wizard showed up with her magic potion (aka jello shots!)

poor tiny little david, waiting for his burger...so sad and hungry

i'm not even sure what these two idiots are doing in this picture actually.....

this would be mike reading from the bible (with darth vader voice effects of course!)

out of burgers, we had to do something....

saturday nights alright...

so, these two had us over for a little get together saturday.
and as always there are lots of fun things to discover. like bowls full of chocolate ears and eyes, monkeys, crazy coconuts and of course swords to play with! fun times!!