Happy Halloween!!!!

my deparment was the justice league.

This is my boss, batman and lead, superman...or superboy as we like to call him!

and here's some of my deparment.

after work mike and i stopped over mom's to trick or treat because we were worried that no kids would show up. of course, she saw us coming and turned off the light and shut the door. nice!!!

now all she needs her grill and she'll be set!!!


therapy, or why i'm not afraid of michael myers anymore....

as part of the "therapy" i got to rip off michael myers' mask.
yes, i killed michael myers!!!

but of course, in true michael myers fashion, he came back to life. but, something was a little....uh, different after that.

I think I'm cured of my fear. I even watched Halloween II the next night!!!


my husband, the queen

David's reaction to Mike's costume, "How dare you come to my home dressed like that" that made it all worth it!!!!

halloween party

just a couple because blogger is taking forever...hopefully i'll upload more later...