our friends who run a gallery (the hybrid collective) in our neighborhood had a meeting/cookout last weekend...

their dog, horatio, aka gus's new walking buddy!

they asked everyone to bring something. so, what do we bring...classy bitches that we are?

that's right, a big ass jug of carlo rossi! i think the 'paid' sticker from the grocery store just adds to the whole class factor of it all.


The King

in honor of the 30th anniversary of Elvis' death....


something in the air maybe?

another sunday starts out good
we had dogs in scarves, red velvet cake (2 actually), pie, cheesy scary movies....

but of course it ends badly....


the saga of gorillamonkeypen is continued over on stickmom's blog. things aren't looking so good for him right now.

even dan was in rare form- we got to see 'crabby chore boy' in action. and he stole david's last piece of cake. what a bully!

misc sunday pics from dan and jennifer's

these are from 2 different sundays-this past sunday and whenever the hell ever it was the last time we over there. a few weeks or so....
this weekend though, this is what greated us as we entered the house.

can you blame him for trying?
this one is from a reenactment of our car accident that just got way out of hand. i believe this is me and mike.

and the stringangelmonsterthingy was the 'overseer' of it all. or the maybe she (is it a she??) played the ambulance driver..


yes i am a slacker. but i have a bunch of pics to update. 2 sunday dinners at dan and jennifer's and other misc BS.
what was i doing while i wasn't blogging you ask? why, i was studying...

that's right. watch out. i'm about to flip out like a super sweet ninja!