i've seen enough episodes of the xfiles to know an alien when i see one!!


what could be cuter than this little bastard?!?


4/16 cont.

i think hank had too much easter ham!

what better way to end the holiday than with rocking out and punching zak in the gut!!

4/16/06 Happy Easter Bitches!!!

mike and my mom showing some easter love!!

this old thing had us over to his new apartment for easter dinner.

the view from his living/dining room windows.

bowie, hiding in the closet.

mike smoking on the rooftop.

2 idiots on the roof.


will invited us over for an "experiment"
he decided to try to cook us dinner.
it turned out wonderful of course!!

mmmmmm meatloaf!!

4/14- fun with flowers

4/13- "little terror"



pic of me from work. probably the only pic that i will ever post of me not doing something stupid or just making a dumb face. yep.


a couple more sunday pics

jennifer's stained glass.
"matt's heart (a monstrosity)"

and a pic of a coupla idiots!!


4/9/06- sunday dinner

zak preparing sunday dinner...which was pretty tasty, even if jennifer and i think he must have slipped some ruffies in it or something because we both passed out after eating it!

this is the lovely dessert jennifer bought for us. it's lithuanian and if you can't tell from the label, it's called "the king of cakes"

and one of it outside of the package. (also pretty tasty!)

and finally mom administering and bossing us how to get satin hands.


guitar hero pic stolen from jennifer (hey, she was supposed to send me one!)


for some reason i think mike and gus look alike in these pics. dontcha think?!?

3/25/06- more peelander pics

medium rare!

will was onstage for the last song (i think) there were too damn many people up there for me to get a good pic though. so, i got one of him coming off stage.

my favorite pic of the night! mike and amanda with 2 of the guys from the band.

the merch girl, aka "peelander pink" clearing a lane for human bowling!!

mike c and his new friend, katie catastrophe


pics from the Peelander-z show at the Beachland Ballroom...

mike and amanda in the crowd.

mike with 2 beer thanks to will!

human bowling about to begin. (i was on the side so i couldn't get a pic of the actual bowling....)



this is what happens when 2 drunks try to take their own picture. i decided not to rotate it since this is how these fools took it....

mike shaving jeanette's arm (and mickie peeking in!).....i'm not sure why either.

playing leg guitar is all fun and games until someone gets kicked in the throat!!

3/17/06-st patty's day

my two favorite "irish" friends. hahahaa

st patty's shots with super server wendy!
mike and mike comparing asses. again, who knows why.

jennifer's crocodile keychain with the grill (jealous mom?? hahaha j/k)

new addition to mike and will's mantle. we call him sammy. although mike thinks he looks like miss jay from ANTM.


and here's a pic to show off the big new table mike and will got for their living room.

here's another one of the table. and mike showing how sturdy it is!