Wooly bear!?!?!

So what exactly are these little guys and why the hell do they love our car so much?

for about a week or so everyday there would be at least 4 or 5 of these dudes hanging on the car. usually on the tires too. weird. kinda cute though.


wow. blogger hates me. maybe it's because i abandonded it for so long, it's hurt. but it took me three f'ing days to get these pics uploaded.
i said it's the man, trying to keep me down. or keep my blog down anyway.
so, jennifer posted the crazy..i mean lovely wedding gift i made for them but i figured it deserved some more time to shine.
these are some pics of it and the mess i made while doing it- (taken by mike, i need to give him artist credit for the photos since i stole the wolf mask one from him too!)

yes, that is glitter. glued to my hands. i suffer for my art.

and here is me, the proud artist!!! it's in black and white because it's super fancy art. or something like that.


The bitch is back!

I can't believe I haven't posted anything since when, October?? craziness.
So for some reason I can get online at work today (and this is not always the case) so I figured what the hell?
I'm sure I can find tons of pics to post when i get around to it, but for now you get this...

fun at the zoo. that's what that is.