bang bang

new hair (with bangs) and the same old crazy face!


sunday dinner

Jennifer got a new fancy grownup dining room table so we had dinner here (or there) today.
i stole these pics from her blog because i was too busy eating garlic bread to get up and take my own! hahahah

in this one i'm doing a robot dance but you can't tell from the angle it was taken.
i just like it because all 3 of us (me, mike and rachel) look nuts in this one. (like that's any different from normal really...)

and here's hank, one of jennifer's many cats. in the last few months he has gotten so big. it's crazy. he looks like jabba the hut in this picture! as mike once said about hank, "he's just down there humping blankets and big for no reason!"


my husband the pyro

this is what happens when mike c buys a bootleg bic lighter.

(it's kinda scary just how happy he looks in that one!)



i haven't taken any pics in a few days, so back to vegas we go!!
funniest thing ever. mike and will doing kareoke at the bar in our hotel.
yep. they sang "rawhide"




what i might have to change the title of my blog to...


Three fools from the party...since it was after midnight, it counts as a new day. don't question me.


Super Vixen

today was this lovely ladies bday party, The Super Vixen Birthday.

it had everything...
rubber chickens.

a D.J. dressed like a bishop

dancing girls

and The Legendary Hucklebucks!

Fun times!!!


ok, so there are some days that i don't have pics from that day specifically so you get this nonesense...


what we say to those people who complain about no new pics...

and yes, mom, this means you too!!! (mainly you actually)

happy now? i even updated most of the days i missed. see, i'm not that bad of a slacker!!!


always thinking

just in case..you know, when the zombies come..


bartendeer will trying some tom cruise/cocktail bs... (this was before the cocktail shaker was broken)


me+booze=hot mess


fake fish fry friday

instead of going out friday for dinner, we had a little dinner party over mike and will's....ok it was pizza, salad and some sangraia, but still!!!

the mikes....how cute are they!!!

amanda and mike

mickie (in sepia tone...friday is also the day i realized that my camera has other color options...i'm slow, i know)

and....our big ass jug of sangria!!



she thinks she's the boss of me...

since she keeps bossing me to post new pics i thought when she logs on today the first one she sees should be of her.
with sausauge earrings.
this, my friends, is the mom.

i stole this pic from david because it's the best one of her from my sister's little bday party.


yesterday at my sister's party my mom taught mike how to make a "cootie cathcer"

now mike is taking it one step further and has started oragami. i'll have pics of that soon too.

birthday bitch

happy birthday ya cranky old thing!


i almost forgot...

happy birthday elvis!!

a couple pics from the birthday festivities for jennifer...

this is mike cowering the corner because jennifer is so mean

and of course, the day always has to end with us upsetting david by trying to hug him.


a pitcher for drinks or a cat toy?
if it were up to charlie, i guess it would be a toy. he sticks his front end in it and rolls around the house like a maniac.
very strange.



Happy new year!!

now, i know mike and i know he is going to hate that i put this up here. but hey, i could have put the one up of him dancing on the chair, shaking his ass at the camera! see, i'm a nice girl.