while taking a break from dancing (3 people, only 2 dance pads) i used my time wisely. bribing the dogs with treats to get good pictures.

gus looks like he's smiling!

i could not get a good picture of griffin (even with the use of bribes) but i love this one of him....or should i say his eyebrows!!


It's a revolution!

dance dance revolution that is.

first, an action shot of the boys bustin' a move.

and a shot of DDR, robot style. just for you jennifer!!!



as a somewhat "anniversary" gift, we each bought a ninteno ds. yep, anniversary video games. i got the pink one and it is beautiful. mike got the black one. because it's sexy. hahahhaha


charlie cash aka Pants!

who knows why he was laying around with his tongue out like that, but he was. goofball.


can you dig it?

i'm considering growning an afro just so i need a pick like this!


the end of the sunday pics....maybe

i saved the best for last. pics of everyone rockin' out!!

exploring the barn

there are wild animals up in that barn!!

they tried to lock me in! (again, proof that i can not take a normal picture!!)

proof that dan is a creep!

(and look how happy jennifer is in the background. also a big creep)

this is the well behind the barn. i think there are dead babies in there. and kittens. creeps.

this guy lives in the dog's room. i don't think the dogs mind too much though.

more sunday pics

everyone hanging out

zak and judy looking oh so cute! (although i think zak was doing something evil here. i'm not sure what, but knowing him he was...)

including, fun with canes!!

sunday cont.

jennifer trying to cook.

while waiting for food to be cooked, the cool kids go out to the yard to smoke cigarettes..

(apparently i am incapable of taking a normal picture, ever!)

jennifer, trying to boss me to let her in...i only let her in because she was in charge of the food.

food's ready!!! (there was also baked beans and homemade mac and cheese thanks to mom and rachel!!)

they had even had dessert! hell yeah, strawberry shortcake!!! i almost feel bad for not wanting to let jennifer in, almost...

one of the dogs trying to get their share

after dinner, it's time to explore the chicken coop


sunday adventure

mom's driving, but where are we going?

as the directions say, "just look for the big ass red barn"

and it comes complete with a creepy chicken coop thingy

look who's here to welcome us. none other than captain spaulding...

why it's dan's house! where else!

the adventure continues tomorrow bitches!

that's right,

there's a new sheriff in town!