well, mini stonehenge anyway.


David L. Reynolds said...

Where the hell is this mini-stonehenge at? I wanna go!! I see you have that nightmare of a dog with you, so it can't be too far from home. Somewhere on the "southside" I assume (in other words, somewhere on the westside, but trying to be cooler than cool)? GAWD! OMG OMG OMG!!!

vivalarobot said...

it's right down the street from us- the corner of w 7th and something... literary i think.
it's actually on the same street that jen and pat used to live on. when they were south siders! hahahha!!

David L. Reynolds said...

Oh, wait, you said it's on South 7th? I drove around all night, on the South side, and I couldn't find Southern Minihenge. Someone told me there might be something similar on the WEST side. Maybe on WEST SEVENTH? Oh, wait, you did say W 7th, oops, my bad... brwahahaha!