wow. blogger hates me. maybe it's because i abandonded it for so long, it's hurt. but it took me three f'ing days to get these pics uploaded.
i said it's the man, trying to keep me down. or keep my blog down anyway.
so, jennifer posted the crazy..i mean lovely wedding gift i made for them but i figured it deserved some more time to shine.
these are some pics of it and the mess i made while doing it- (taken by mike, i need to give him artist credit for the photos since i stole the wolf mask one from him too!)

yes, that is glitter. glued to my hands. i suffer for my art.

and here is me, the proud artist!!! it's in black and white because it's super fancy art. or something like that.



that little piece of art you created is...something! and sadly, photos don't do it justice. it needs to be seen in person.

chris & ginny spent a long time looking at it, commenting, laughing, getting scared.

glittermom said...

You should be very proud of your art work...Someday it will be famous...or imfamous...

Groundcat said...

were you sniffin' the glue as you put this masterpiece together?